Meet our Boards 01 - JongHeon Martin Kim

JongHeon Martin Kim.jpg

My name is JongHeon Martin Kim working at Brooklyn museum, kips gallery and photographer.

My goal in life is trying to find happiness and fun in communication with people

I think art is one of the good method is communication different people without different language and culture.

I will give my effort to KNYC become to wonderful oganization spreads art in mamy area beyond barrier of language and custom of variety society. 

Meet our President - Sangin Lee

 Sangin Lee with his Senior Portfolio at Pentagram

Sangin Lee with his Senior Portfolio at Pentagram

Hi, my name is Sangin Lee. 
I am working in Product Innovation Group at R/GA and the founder of KNYC.
I am always very proud I am Korean.
Korea is becoming one of the most developed countries in the world
and still we have enormous potentials in our vein.
So one day I thought what if we are organized more systematically?  
The answer was clear enough to bright my vision,
We can be more powerful than ever.
We got to be Acting Intellectuals to make Korean best nation in 21st century.
Thank you!