Bonkuk Koo

Bonkuk Koo has been actively working in the field of fashion as a fashion designer and artist. In January 2009, He was selected as “Emerging Fashion Designer of the Year” by IDA(International Design Award) and also won the 1st place of Haute Couture from IDA. He created two dresses for the opening event of S.O.F.A (Sculpture Objects and Functional Art) New York in 2008. Upon the graduation from FIT in 2009, He started working at Chado Ralph Rucci about 4 years, which is the highest level of Haute Couture Company in U.S.A.. Mr. Rucci, Bon's lifetime mentor in fashion, has recently added his name to the highly-esteemed 2011 Fashion Walk of Fame. Bon went on taking the Design Director role at Encuentro Moda in Spain since his departure from Chado Ralph Rucci. He had held two solo exhibitions - one in New York City in 2009 and the other in Seoul, South Korea 2011. He is one of the contributors of the premiere issue of The Ground Magazine, a new platform dedicated to feature creative young talents. His custom-made "Tide Dress" for the editorial "All you can get" for the publication has generated much attention across the globe and significant impression on the web. In spring 2012, he collaborated with Kaite Workum Dance Theater, and one of his costumes was featured in New York Times dance review, aptly titled "The Flick of a Skirt Can Speak Louder Than Words.

Bon's unwavering passion for Haute Couture pushed him to channel his artistry and craft and create sculptural art pieces made by pins. Pin is one of the most frequently used materials when he makes a dress. When he puts pins through a fabric, he holds his breath and carefully carries a pin on a dress. The countless, meditative and repetitive process has led him to realize that there's no medium like pin that can represent who his as an artist and also express his raw emotion. After all, the most important discovery was right near him all along.