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Hang Rok Cho

Monument to comfort women for our sisters

Do you know military sexual slavery? 

    This means comfort women who is sexual slavery to be forcibly mobilized for soldiers during war. This art project describes Korean sisters’ sorrowful experiences in the Japanese colonial period with art work. 

The girl statue (Monument to comfort women) at Japanese embassy in Seoul symbolizes Korean victims of Japanese military’s sex slavery during Second World War. However, unfortunately, Japanese government wants this statue to be relocated in their proper manner through negotiation with South Korean government. In this respect, we are completely able to anticipate the purpose of Japanese government, which is that they do not want to admit and regret their immoral behavior. In other words, they concern their nation’s historical dignity in global society. While Korean and Japanese government had irrationality negotiation, it determined us against their plan. Although the goal of this work is to criticize attitude of Japanese government and incapacity of Korean government, the most significant aim is to convey message people in order to remind and comfort When it comes to the video, I draw the girl statue, and erase it. Also it is roughly painted again with deep pink water color. As a result, there are dim drawing marks with the contrast between pink paint and white line. This shows that we must not be going to forget our sisters’ heartbreaking memories even if the Japanese government tries to physically move the girl statue in order to gradually eliminate their historical fault. The remaining drawing marks in the paint represent our unforgettable emotions and memories. In addition, at the finish, one man is faintly sitting on the other chair beside the girl with outline. It indicates us who would like to be always with hers. It is our emotional will. Through this project, I would like to convey our message to various individuals, and also to say especially Koreans must not forget our sisters’ tragic memories.