New York is Kove’s third city. Raised in Korea and educated in Osaka, Kove continues his artistic endeavors by drawing “in the city that never sleeps.” Of course, this is not to say that drawing is the only thing Kove engages in while in New York, as he also takes on the identity of a student when not an artist. Within every human pursuit fueled by the beauti- ful flames of passion lies a primal urge, or natural tendency to vicariously observe, listen, and learn. Kove, who within him harbors the roots of inspiration, is thirsty for knowledge. Perhaps this thirst, which at first was unnoticeable, surfaced during Kove’s time in Japan.

“I remember one night while studying in Japan, I huddled in a bathtub with a blanket throughout the night shivering. I was shivering not because I was cold, but because I was lonely.”

Hardships give birth to great things and Kove’s thirst for knowledge cannot be quenched now. It is time that Kove get a bigger bathtub and perhaps, this very exhibition is just a natural progression in his life. Kove stays faithful to the present “moment” when drawing and therefore exhibits( sometimes too much) untainted emotions. Because of this very qual- ity, Kove’s drawings seem to be alive where the very ink on the canvas remains wet, never drying. Of course, Kove’s drawings from Korea, Japan, and New York all have their distinct stylistic variants. However, be intrigued because despite having different qualities, Kove’s drawings are linked by an underlaying theme of the “bathtub”.

Written by ᅵ Jesse You (Feature Editor of GQ <Korea>)