Chloe Koo


7+1 is an interactive sculpture figure that includes seven important historical significances of The Monument to Comfort Women and one earnest message from people’s precious hearts.

First, Young girl: The aged women were portrayed as a shadow design beside the girl shaped like an elderly lady. 

Second, Unevenly cut hair : Unevenly cut hair symbolizing the abrupt break from the women’s homeland.

Third, clenched fists: The girl’s clinched fists represents angers for all the discrimination and suffering.

Fourth, Bare Feet: Bare Feet that strain to touch the ground to express discomfort.

Fifth, little bird: little bird symbolizing the innocence of the young girls.

Sixth, Shadow with butterfly: A white butterfly inside the shadow represents reincarnation, according to the artists, meaning they must be compensated by Japan even after death.

Seventh, Empty Chair : The empty chair next to her has two meaning. On one hand, it pays homage to the women now passed away; on the other hand, it gives a chance for the viewer to sit in the same position as the women being remembered.

Plus One, Candle light: Small Candles represent people’s precious hearts and wishes to keep protect our The Monument to Comfort Women. We need your attention to keep preservation of our Monument to Comfort Women. Please help us preserve the candle light.


Interaction: Candle lights using a photocell with an different color of LEDs. It affects the red, green, orange and white pin of the LED and modifies the color based on the distance your hand is from the sensor. 

Materials used: Canvas, Clay, 5mm color leds, 220ohm resistors, Arduino micro, photocell, breadboard, wires, solid core wire and heat shrink tubing.